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Cedalion - A Programming Language for Language Oriented Programming

Won 2nd place at the ACM Student research competition, SPLASH 2010

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About Cedalion

Cedalion is a language-oriented programming language, developed by Boaz Rosenan in cooperation with David H. Lorenz at the Open University of Israel. As such, it is designed to be a host language for internal DSLs and support projectional editing to overcome the limitations of parsing, which is a limiting factor in the extensibility of current host languages, such as Lisp and Ruby. Cedalion uses logic-programming as its base semantics, on top of which other semantics can be defined. It is statically typed, using Hindley-Milner type inference.




An extended abstract for SPLASH2010 poster

An extended abstract submitted to PLDE2010


Cedalion talk at PLDE 2010

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LOP Example

Introducing Cedalion

Demo and Conclusion